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We are sharing a little behind the scenes of our first fix installation at the above site. We are installing an Energy Peak demand management solution – SICOTRONIC which has enabled this site to convert from dual fuel kitchen to an all electric energy efficient kitchen. Working in partnership with Chr Equipment Ltd, we are supporting this restaurant owner switch to a more sustainable and efficient kitchen.

Going one step further we asked this owner if we could install a ‘sister’ product/solution to Sicontronic – that is KICONN. Kiconn is a hardwired connected kitchen solution, which has ‘soft’ launched in Europe in 2020 and progressing on an exciting development plan. We @ Ki-Tech have been excited to install this new emerging technology into this site also, initially communicating with some new pieces of equipment and indeed futureproofing this installation for more new innovate catering equipment, in the years to come.

Kiconn is a neutral dashboard and can integrate 3rd party apps to enable a catering operator to see certain forms of data, all in one location. Sicotronic will report into this dashboard upon completion of the project later in the spring of 2021. For more information, please view: