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Energy Optimisation – the smart way to get more from your energy

A frequent issue confronting many operators is a lack of available electrical power in the kitchen or overall building complex. If there is no alternative power supply available, the kitchen design may be compromised leading to design and functional changes which are not ideal for the operator. Alternatively, an additional supply may need to be considered to provide sufficient power and this frequently results in a very expensive charge for running such a supply or even a new sub-station.

Ki-Tech has exactly that energy optimisation solution, which redistributes available power to only where it is needed. Originally developed to combat the peak power charges, where the energy suppliers apply their maximum tariffs, more commonly found in mainland Europe, the system has the benefit of using the same technology used to combat the peak power charge to overcome the issue of insufficient electrical supply.

We apply the same technology to overcome the issue of insufficient power and set a threshold of the power limitations. Thereafter, the software redistributes the energy, ensuring that the threshold (effectively, the limit of the available supply) is never exceeded. The normal work of the kitchen is not disturbed by targeted time and short-term redistribution of the individual energy requirements.

We can apply the same technology to many other areas, bringing the same benefits to the laundry and spa operations, even hotel rooms and car charging units.

Additionally, it is possible to incorporate temperature monitoring of coldrooms & freezer rooms, chilled preparation areas or holding rooms. A simple sensor feeds the data back to the central controller and the operator can receive an alert should one of the areas fall outside of the recognised acceptable temperature parameters, removing the need for a separate monitoring system

Sicotronic Benefits

    • Sicotronic has the ability to reduce total connected load requirement – ideal where power supply is an issue.  By eliminating the use of gas, we not only help reduce fossil fuel usage but also assist in reducing the number of air changes needed and remove the need for gas interlocks.
    • Reduces the cost of maintenance – if we are to work with an all electric provision as gas equipment is traditionally more expensive to maintain than its electrical counterparts.
    • Can work with virtually all major manufacturers – several of them already feature the DIN18875 interface in their product manufacture or offer it as an option.
    • We are not limited to commercial kitchens. Examples can be found using laundries, spas, swimming pools and even car charging points!
    • Ability to 'lock out' appliances or prioritise various items or areas on a timed basis to prevent unnecessary power usage when not in use.
    • Real time management data to support on-going equipment purchase programs and energy monitoring.  This can also include alarms / alerts.

Some of the brands that we can optimise: