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Wireless Connectivity

Our wireless platform, provided by our partner ‘Koolzone’ , the world leading solutions provider for real-time monitoring, solutions provides the user with a wide scope of sensor monitoring solutions We are able to provide intelligent sensors suitable to almost any environment that will track your assets parameters to ensure quality and compliance.

Installation is very simple and needs no specialist involvement from electrical or network technicians. Simply place the wireless sensors in position, either in the equipment to be monitored or the ambient environment and start receiving data in a matter of minutes. Our LoRaWAN gateway and sensors find and connect to each other automatically and continuous readings are transmitted to our platform, accessible from your phone, tablet, laptop, anytime, anywhere.

Our sensors provide long range coverage (Up to 21km line of sight) horizontally across floors and vertically between levels, greatly simplifying installation and ensuring reliable data collection.

There is no need for any invasive action to position sensors within appliances, meaning that the deployment of the KoolZone system with legacy equipment is a very straightforward option.

Our solutions are suitable for small or large businesses, single site or multiple site international estates. Whilst we started in the Hospitality industry, our solutions are used throughout other market sectors such as retail and medical – we can interface with existing BMS systems and also provide data of energy usage, task and density management.

Our system of interconnected sensors creates a multi-faceted interface that lets you decide what data to access, rather than be constricted within the framework of a limited system. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or multi-site operator. You are able to identify and access the information which is important to you. By using the same software package across an entire estate, it helps to identify any anomalies and flag up potential areas of concern.  Global map views give full estate visibility, whilst plans and photographs of individual sites are easily uploaded – sensors are simply drag and dropped into location and data transmission is instant from the moment of deployment.

Kitchen ventilation systems, grease management (FOG) and waste management are all areas where increasing environmental and Health & Safety diligence is becoming more important. Ki-Tech can provide a “one-stop” management tool to ensure that you can demonstrate an elevated level of awareness and management and thereby ensure that levels of due diligence are constantly and automatically maintained, releasing time to concentrate on your business.

Among the data streams we are able to monitor and manage are :


  • Food temperatures – using gastro food probes and infrared surface temperature sensors
  • Energy and utilities monitoring, including flow rates. Energy optimisation
  • Cold chain and Transport monitoring
    Predictive maintenance and equipment performance
  • FOG management and Kitchen exhaust systems
  • Air quality – CO2, carbon monoxide & humidity measurement
  • Proximity sensors for staff movement and thermal screening, density management
  • Leak detection
    Asset and task management
  • Door and drawer openings
  • Bin sensors – for fire risk and fill levels 

…..and much more