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Wired Connectivity

Our wired solution, in partnership with Kiconn – the team behind Sicotronic,  is available for operators, for whom the wireless solution is not a preferred option. Compliant with the European OPC UA interoperability standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data, the ‘Kiconn’ – “kitchen connect" platform provides the user a secure connectivity network with encryption, authentication, authorising and auditing. In addition to operating temperature patterns, the Kiconn solution will also include energy usage data without the need for additional sensors.

OPC UA is a manufacturer neutral ‘independent’ service-oriented architecture that integrates all of the functionality of individual specifications into one framework, with a multi-layered approach. This provides platform independence from a micro-processor to cloud based infrastructure.

As many European manufacturers build OPC UA operability within their appliances, the transfer of agreed data is easy to apply. A comprehensive range of operational parameters are in place and allow the build-up of meaningful feedback to aid in the implementation of predictive and preventative maintenance practices.

LAN CAT7 connections enable a huge range of appliances to be connected, whilst visual depictions of each appliance and a simple colour coded alarm notification provides the user with an instantly recognisable warning. A simple and intuitive dashboard will provide further information and allow the user to adjust settings, create reports and ensure full compliance with HACCP due diligence.