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Energy Management

With the ongoing drive to become more energy efficient and reduce both carbon emissions and the world heat signature, the demand for building energy management systems (BEMS) has never been higher. Smart buildings are now the norm and, whilst there are a huge number of systems available, many of these carry unwieldy costs and installation needs, which often prevents the client from making the decision to implement a management system.

Any system should be able to generate information and reports on energy usage and related costs. The main driver of which is for the prupose of reducing costs, while still maintaining a comfortable and safe environment for building occupants. The solution is easily integrated as part of a smart building, that the EMS brings together. This integration addresses the main electric and energy systems, namely the HVAC, lighting control and power management to facilitate data collection, analysis, diagnosis, trend finding and decision making.

Ki-Tech Solutions works with a number of partners to deliver energy management systems believes that, in most cases, the simpler the system the better, provided that it still delivers the operational benefits and reporting facilities required.

As an example, we are able to supply a “plug and play” concept, consisting of a full range in plug-in Three phase and single phase current transformers. This not only reduces installation time by up to 85%, but also removes any potential wiring error, making the overall installation faster and error free. The use of a LoRaWAN converter allows us to feed data through our platform and enable the client reports.

We have developed a “transferable system” that users can use to audit usage from one site to another – ideal for an estate where comparisons between similar operations are required.

Our team of “in-house” technicians can also provide commissioning and configuration services. This allows the modbus network to be checked prior to installation of the panel / switchboard. It also allows you to set the programmable parameters from one central point and read each meter individually.

As every system is, by definition, different and bespoke, please do get in touch and we can discuss your design and energy requirements.