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Well its the start of a new year, and our colleague’s in Germany have been busy with new innovation. Our latest product below (arriving in the Spring of 2021) was definitely not named, after what has proven to be a most challenging year! This solution has been a few years in the making and replaces our older ABM1010 energy optimisation solution. Say hello to the ABM 2020…..

ABM2020 provides all the benefits of our 5000series Energy Optimisation / Demand Management solution but is specifically designed for smaller kitchen requirements. The ABM2020 operates with an IoT dashboard solution. Moving away from the site based 5000 series onsite computerised panel.

If you’re wanting to move away from gas catering equipment or are you considering a new all electric kitchen? Have you been told you havent enough mains electrical power in your facility or building? Fear not, we can aid to provide a solution saving potential time and money on upgrading your mains electrical supply.

So how do we manage this…..We use relays, data cabling and software. This intelligence operates in realtime and in milliseconds, diverting electrical energy to the appliance that immediately needs it, WITHOUT compromising performance of your commercial kitchen.

Our technology has been used extensively in the field within Europe for over 25 years. Our European cousins use more electrical energy than natural gas within kitchens and had to find a solution for their smaller supplies. Sicontronic was developed to manage limited power across mountainous regions across europe where large power supplies where difficult to install.

For further information, contact us today to see how we can be of help… #whatelse