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Connectivity Solutions

Welcome to our connected solutions for commercial kitchens and restaurants….Kitchen 4.0. Catering operations are under increasing pressure to increase efficiency. The requirements for economic efficiency are rising steadily and the pressure to reduce operating costs is increasing. Health & Safety regulations, HACCP and ever more stringent hygiene requirements also challenge the kitchen management. 

The digitization of the catering environment is making a significant contribution to making kitchen processes safer. Automating the collection of operating and hygiene data, ensuring it is always accurate and delivered in real-time, with complete data tracking and compliance with due diligence requirements. In addition, the provision of predictive maintenance and energy usage data helps to keep an eye on the ever-rising operational costs.

The use of this connected data is growing at an extremely fast rate, but the fact remains that many connected appliances operate in a vertical structure. This means that the data can only be accessed via a specific app and cannot communicate or interface with other applications such as Buildings Management Systems (BMS) or third party CRM so, whilst the data is there, it is often unwieldy and time-consuming to capture and interrogate in a meaningful manner that provides a full overview of kitchen activity.

Imagine when utilising kitchen 4.0 you were able to access this data in one easy to use, intuitive dashboard. This dashboard is able to provide a live ”real-time’ record of the current operating status of the kitchen. In turn this will warn an operator of upcoming potential maintenance issues – even possibly to the extent of arranging for a technician to be on-site. The engineer can meet with any necessary parts, reducing costly downtime and essentially improving profitability and operating efficiency.

With our partners, Ki-Tech Solutions can offer a choice of either wireless or wired connectivity solutions:-

Our dashboards will continue to record and collate temperature and operational data. Ki-Tech can offer an agnostic horizontal platform, tailored to individual requirements to ensure compliance with good practice and HACCP and process monitoring. The collection and processing of this data can be displayed either on-site or in the cloud.

Kitchen 4.0 Connectivity Options:

  • Temperature Monitoring – High and low temperature thresholds can be set per area/appliance with escalating alerts, via text, email or phone when these are exceeded.
  • Operating hours – Identify how hard your equipment is working and whether it can work smarter
  • HVAC and FOG Management – monitors airflow and complete grease management
  • Air Quality and Humidity – CO, CO2, Ozone and humidity can all be measured and warnings issued if safe levels are exceeded.
  • Kitchen Exhaust Systems – On demand usage, grease monitoring and maintenance alerts.
  • Energy and Power Management – Energy usage and flow rates. Power Management and alerts in the events of power cuts or 'drop outs'.
  • Cold Chain and Transport Monitoring – tag and monitor cold chain transport and distribution.
  • Equipment overviews – Maximising asset life cycles via predictive maintenance. Sensors monitor key mechanisms within each piece of equipment such as oven elements and fans, dishwasher wash and rinse pumps and refrigeration compressors. Expected lifespans are monitored, dependent on use and can be used to plan future Cap-Ex and Op-Ex spend.
  • Predictive Maintenance – service calls and technician attendance can be planned and tracked with full visibility and status updates
  • Staff Management – Attendance and staff movement, including density management to ensure safe occupnacy levels and social distancing.
  • Task Management – Collate and manage your day to day activities.