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Ki-Tech Solutions are the UK’s leading provider for energy optimisation and connectivity solutions.

Todays caterers and commercial kitchen operators face ever increasing demands to find economic efficiencies, whilst energy supplies are becoming more limited and prices are constantly rising. We offer innovative solutions that can overcome these issues and provide an ongoing “real-time” monitoring system that can also interface with HVAC and temperature monitoring systems and provide a connectivity platform to allow all of this data to be accessed through one dashboard.

Our solutions are not limited to the kitchen environment and can be applied to laundries, spa and wellness centres and even to underfloor heating and car charging stations.

Integrated connectivity with Building Management Systems (BMS) provides a full overview of existing performance and aids with predictive maintenance, helping to manage costs and identifying areas of potential improvement and whilst our primary areas of concentration are centred on the hospitality sector we are happy to assist in other applications. Our solutions offer unrivalled flexibility so let us know how we can help.

management team

Andrew Fulham
Operations Director
Richard Fordham
Sales Director